Walking with the Wild Mustangs of Southern Nevada

wild mustangs of southern nevadaThere is something amazing that happens when you encounter the wild mustangs.  To walk amongst the various tribes within the herds, gives you a feeling of majestic magic.  (??)

It’s difficult to explain.  But you are just in awe of them all.  What they went through to survive.  The role their ancestors played in the settling of the west and what they mean to the spirit of America.

To the outsider looking in, they are just some horses running wild.  Believing the media spun story that they are doing environmental damage and need to be removed (to be replaced by larger herds of cattle).

Yet, when you get out here and see them up close.  Your opinions and your views begin to change.  You start to see them for what they are.  America’s treasure.  Battling to stay alive, to stay wild and to be free.

Kudos to my wife, the Camera Wench… and our friend for life, Sazzy (sazzyshotz) for capturing these all too brief moments we get to spend with them.

Thankfully they are just a small herd and have been able to stay off the radar of the Obama administration and the Cattleman’s association backed BLM (Government agency being ran by a cattle association supporter and large Obama campaign supporter).  As they are removing the larger herds in Northern Nevada.  Moving them (at taxpayers expense) to holding pens in the Midwest.  While a Wild Horse sanctuary remains close by and unused.

To help support the battle to keep these beautiful creatures free, we are selling prints of the wild horses and donating the proceeds to organizations helping the cause. Photo prints of the wild horses of Nevada

Want more information on the plight of the wild mustangs, follow Saving Americas Mustangs


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